I am not a professional athlete; I go to the gym, maybe 3 times a week. My skin is extra-extra sensitive to many things. Sweating is one of them. I don’t really tell people that my sweat makes me itch or make me uncomfortable (because it does every time and I hate when they check up on me to see if “im ok”. It gets old fast). If my diet isn’t a clean one (like eating processed foods) my body will push out the toxins through my sweat glands. So let’s say I ate fried fish and chips with soda one day and cheesy fries a couple days later and nachos the day after that. Going to the gym next week will actually cause a reaction to my skin. The “toxins” or “greasiness” I’ll start to itch and get small bumps or my skin will become inflamed. Yeah, my body is pretty complicated. But I continue my exercises! I continue to lift those weights. I continue to run. I continue to sweat through it. I want to LIVE! And in order to see the age 100 I have to maintain a clean diet. I go to the sauna to sweat out these “greasy toxins” and it can take 3 days of cleansing, in order to get back to clear skin. Exercising can be a bitch but so are the sore muscles. It’s ok. Nobody said it would be easy. Personally, I don’t really take vitamins as much as people say I should. I eat enough vegetables in day to make a vegan proud. My sister is a vegan BTW so even if I did feel like starting taking some vitamins, they’re easily in reach. But honestly, as someone who eats meat I feel ok. I eat beef about once a month, sometimes twice. I haven’t eliminated pork out of my diet, I still crave bacon; but I stay away from it for as long as I can handle it. 3-4 months is as long as I can go before I actually start salivating at the smell of bacon haha. I’m allergic to chicken and eggs so there goes the easy, “healthy” meat idea for me. If I could just eat chicken I would. So turkey is my main source of poultry. However, when I get paid and there’s no budget, I buy duck and salmon in bulk. I go to a local butcher’s shop for my yummy splurge. That splurge will allow me to have about 2 months worth of meat options.


I also don’t eat meat everyday.  I love Buddha Bowls! A bowl filled with kale, spinach, lentils or chickpeas, quinoa, tomatoes, raw onions and peppers, topped with pepita seeds! I love salads when they’re full of flavor. Not a fan of bland salad; which is why I also tend to make my own dressings. I get real into it.

There are days I don’t leave the house for weeks. There are days I dont bother brushing my hair before putting it into a bun. And there are days I don’t eat enough. These days, I’m in, what I call, the “Art Zone” for days out of the month I slave away, piece after piece. Staying up til 3:30 in the morning with an aching back and stiff neck. But I dont stop until it’s 4:20; this is so I can take a toke before I close my laptop and shut my eyes. Even then, at 4:20 in the morning, with strained eyes and low lids, I turn my phone on and watch an ASMR* video that is at least 30 minutes. Enough time to fall asleep before the end.

My eyes never stray far from a screen for too long. Eating (I watch tv), gym (changing the song on my playlist), work (update back end of the website). TV-PHONE-COMPUTER the 3 main bitches. I’m a collage artist that will scour the internet for photos to match my mood, color or story that I am creating in my head. Not to mention I watch ASMR videos. So there isn’t much time in between that I am NOT looking at some type of screen, even for a little bit. That is why I made a garden. I love botany and the biology behind it. My mom is an environmentalist who graduated in science… Bet you can’t guess where I learned to love nature from, huh? In order for me to get away from technology and give my eyes a break from staring at a damn screen all day; I go into my backyard and meditate. I bring a jar full of water with ice with a few slices of cucumber and a squeeze of lime. I tend to my garden: prune the bush beans, cut the yellow leaves off, add some fertilizer, dig up the weeds (which hold true to their name. No matter how much I dig up their roots, 3 more grow back in it’s place) and make sure each veggie is getting the right amount of water. Did you know, tomatoes grow better in pots? I did an experiment to see which would grow faster. One bunch in the backyard garden with the rest of the veggies and the other in pits, on the front porch. Guess which did better? Front porch pots! Apparently the watering ratio is different. Because the pots retain the water and keeps the soil moist it always stays at the best temperature for the plants. (measure) The backyard tomatoes are small, about half the size of the ones in pots! They still bloomed just fine but it took about a week or two longer than the ones in pots. So if you live in an apartment or limited space, I recommend using pots. They don’t need direct sunlight but they do love hot-HOT weather. So plant them in the beginning of May.

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*ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response)
Is an experience characterised by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp. These “tingles” can help me go to sleep.





You aren’t blind .

You don’t have to be a gluten free or celiac to know this. Your gluten filled eyes aren’t any different than ours.

I don’t buy produce and meats when I go *gf shopping, thats too much time wasting and too much money spent. I dedicate my gluten free shopping to JUST gluten free shopping, nothing else.. I buy all my gluten free needs in that one day.

The other day I found a new product: “Deli Bread”. I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll spend $6.99 and see how I like it’. Because that’s what we do. As a bread lover,  we gotta try em all, no judgments. Not only was this deli bread $6.99, there was only 5 pieces! For any of you that don’t know what deli bread is, its just a longer version of sandwich bread. 5 pieces of deli bread= 2 sandwiches and a leftover piece? That’s what? $1.50 a slice??? I’m not great at math but I know a hustle when I see one!

They say making gf desserts are ‘trickier, difficult and longer to make’. Not entirely true. Which is why most of us Gluten Free Babes out there learn to do everything ourselves.

I’m not a bread expert, but I’ve attempted too many types of breads (sourdough, millet, french baguette) several times over the years and each time i get closer to that perfect gf bread taste. Nevertheless, all purpose gf brands vary in costs. It’s hard to say which brands are better because usually, when I find a brand I like, I stick with it. But recently I’ve been looking for more, alternative options. I currently have cupboards filled with Bob’s Red Mills products. Always been a supporter of Bob since I can remember. Good guy, Bob and his family.

Anyways, i’ve been keeping my eye on what’s new and cheap; like: snacks, breads, flours, desserts etc. One day, there was this all purpose white gf flour; which means it’s most likely filled with white rice flour, sorghum and potato starch. (10 years being gf and you start to notice the subtle differences in textures and taste with grains.) However, it cost around $21 for 32oz. While the one next to it with the same amount of oz. cost around $10!

I thought rice was in more abundance than the wheat. Am I wrong in thinking that the wheat industry is constantly fluctuating? I thought the wheat industry was collapsing… I would assume wheat would be in more demand than rice? And with that thought swirling around my head, I wonder why is it, that a gf pizza crust with: brown rice flour, sorghum, tapioca starch flour, potato starch, cream of tartar, would be 2 times more expensive than a whole wheat pizza crust? I’m probably missing some key factor here and would love to talk about it with someone with extensive knowledge about it.

From my perspective, the products are expensive but the process is generally the same. Labor might get extended -so I see the extra costs in that- But, when I’ve made bread *attempted to make* I had no difficulty reading the instructions. I can do what the box tells me, but I do not cook in a commercial kitchen with a baking or culinary background. I know what tastes good and what doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. My tongue knows best. That’s what she said.

ALSO ALLERGIC TO: wheat”gluten”, egg, chicken, peanuts/legumes. So when I am baking, it can be really difficult to create a rise in the breads or the taste of something that is actually edible. I’m pretty fucked when it comes to the words fluffy, nutty and any other word that could describe ‘whole wheat bread’.

When baking I go the alternative route. Egg substitutes include: apple sauce, chia seeds, flaxseeds, extra oil, bananas, apple cider vinegar, silken tofu, yogurt and almond milk (which I’m not sure I can eat. Are almonds legumes? If I’m allergic to cashews, would I be allergic to almonds as well?) There is also such a thing called *”EnerG Egg Replacer” and its basically tapioca potato starch, tapioca starch flour, and stuff like citric acid.

What I’m getting at, is: I should just start my own business! Give these people the gluten free people what they need, at a decent price too! I’m not going to pay $12.99 for a regular size pizza when I can buy the gf flours or gf pizza mix at a cheaper price. Think wholesale! Pizza crust mixes are about $5.99 on average. I can make 3-4 crusts out of that. Or make 2 extra large pizzas. Just saying. I really think people should start investing in making their food from scratch. I may not be able to understand how tired you may be after working double time on a deadline with kids. But that doesn’t need to stop you from trying to just add a couple more steps into your dinner plan. Crust the fresh tomatoes yourself and cut the onion yourself and grow your own basil. Just wish people would think about it, maybe get into more community gardens. Less wheat and more ancient grains. No more bleached wheat or processed foods. Maybe wander into the art of taste and explore the use of every plant that’s around you. It’s fun to create something and it tastes beyond what you imagined.

Lastly, I had no way of knowing how to combat this attack on my body but I’m fighting it with two sharp knives and fresh cut onions! Going gluten free has freed me in a way and opened me to a new approach on how to spend my money; exploring a new lane of adventures. Yes, I miss the airy, light texture of sourdough bread -so, so much- but the prices on these overly priced gf breads made by baking experts; so worth it. It may cost $5.99 for 10 slices of extra small slices of multigrain bread but it makes me only purchase one bag. It makes me savor the flavor and not be so greedy. I haven’t eaten a dinner roll in over 10 years (there might have been a few slip ups…) but the price for dinner rolls at a grocery store are around $5.99 for about 12; whereas gf dinner rolls cost around $9.99 for about 5 (always an odd number!) With the gluten rolls, I would have purchased 2-3 bags so that way I could have 2-3 delicioussss dinner rolls for the day. See the control issued I have? Only now I have no choice in the matter. *Kanye Shrug*





*gf=Gluten Free (obviously)