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20170615_000538 (1)7/14/17


I am allergic to gluten, wheat, egg, chicken and peanuts so you can say grocery shopping was a bit limited. Or so I thought. Trying to find a gluten free AND egg free bread that wasn’t tasteless or hard as a rock, can be hard, yes; but it teaches you to humble yourself. I know it sounds whacky but it’s true. Having to stop eating certain foods and being too scared to eat at a friends house or even going out on a date. Constantly looking at your plate and examining to make sure they didn’t drop peanuts on your noodles. It can be exhausting and sometimes even embarrassing to admit. It made me feel sorry for myself; but it also made me start cooking for myself. And soon I was getting getting excited every time I found a gluten free-egg free recipe on Pinterest (follow me:


I’m currently writing down recipes and taking pictures for my cook book! I want to create a recipe book with foods that are gluten free and vegan with (meat substitutions available). I may not be vegan but I live with  a sister who is and she’s got me loving the alternatives! And I have definitely acquired a taste for tofu now.



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